A few words about rosysoul

In our life , it seems that we are always trying to understand other people , but how well do we know ourselves ? If we don't do the inner work , one of our main regrets on our deathbed maybe that we are about to die without having tasted the water of our own essence . Knowing ourselves from the outside in is not enough .
Who we really are according to teachers from many traditions is deceptively simple, we are all spiritual beings having a physical experience ,we are full of majesty but we insist on ramaining withered in our prison of dust . Why not laught like a rose ? Why not spread perfume ?
Rosysoul is the result of a long journey ,accumulated through lengthy life experience. there are different themes associated with life and spirituality for instance : searching for self knowledge and authentic meaning , exploring interconectedness in the web of life being of authentic service to god's creation and opening ourselves to a higher power .
We believe that each woman should create a spiritual road map of her own life ,to Place on the map turning points that she consider important , be they positive or negative and add important people and/or experiences that influenced her on her journey .
Rosy soul is the pursuit of such a self -knowledge which is a central task in spirituality .
Rosy soul ,we choose to shine the compassionate light of awareness on ourselves as we go about our daily lives, trying consistently to become mindful of our bewildering inner paradox .
We wish you all the healthy love in the world, and that it may fill the void that some difficult journeys have left in you. Because when love radiates from within, it is naturally reflected on the outside and creates a magical effect that multiplies itself as it propagates. Now, it’s up to you to choose and to ask yourself this question : what change have I made throughout my life journey as a result of my higher awareness ? what else need to be done.

Our Values

Conscious Awareness
We live with an awareness of our oneness with Life and the experience the interconnectedness of all life.
Personal Growth
We continually deepen and expand our understanding of Universal Truth through daily practices as taught by our religion "ISLAM" of all time. We believe that personal growth is a never ending process and that our purpose in life is to eternally evolve.
We act honestly and respectfully, while consciously living in alignment with our values and focusing on the collective good while honoring our unique and perfect way of being in the world.
We join together in love to create a safe and supportive environment of acceptance, shared trust, and mutual growth that honors our individuality.
We commit to the practice of giving and receiving and to being good stewards of the abundance that is ours, our families and our community’s.
We understand that joy is our natural state of being and that it is only through our misplaced attention that we create an illusion of separation where we experience states of being that are not joyful.