How Reflecting On earth Can Make You More Productive

I would like to start with a question: as Muslims when someone comes to you complaining of low emaan, have you ever advised them, “Go and look at the sky and the trees”? go and observe nature ?

Observing and contemplating nature is a very important aspect of a Muslim’s spiritual journey.
In many verses in the holly quran Allah subhanahu wa ta’alaa commands us to ponder over His Works. Why? What is the first thing we realize? Tawheed. Oneness.

Looking around yourself, the skies, the plants, the oceans, the mountains, the alternation of the day and night, and the process of childbirth are all created in a state of perfection. All of these signs are a great proof that Allah is the One and Only, the True God.
When people feel anxious and stressed out, what do they do naturally? They go for a walk. They go outside. They get some fresh air.However, as Muslims, when someone comes to you complaining of low emaan, have you ever advised them, “Go and look at the sky and the trees”? Allah tells us in his ayah that nature gives insight, and not only that, it is also a reminder. But to whom? For every servant who turns to Allah subhanahu wa ta’alaa.

That’s the difference between people who just “walk” through nature and people who “interact” with nature like Allah subhanahu wa ta’alaa told them to. By interacting with nature the way Allah ‘azza wajal tells us to do we can truly become more productive.
The question here is How to Interact With Nature as a Muslim.? It is so easy and it doesn’t cost you anything. It can raise your emaan when it feels low, reignite your relationship with your Creator, and therefore make you more productive as a Muslim.
Realize the Power of Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala. If He can maintain the skies without any flaws, don’t you think He can solve all your problems, which are much smaller?

Night and Day
Remind yourself that the worst day is only 24 hours. Just as the night alternates with the day, hardship will alternate with ease in your life. If you only expect easy times you could be disappointed. Don’t worry about the future, but prepare for it. A believer will be tested by Allah subhanahu wa ta’alaa and it will only be good for you.

Flowers and plants.
In the ayah above [Quran 50:7] Allah ‘azza wajal mentions ‘baheej’. This one word means something which becomes extremely beautiful, bright and pleasing to the eye. It makes you smile. Allah subhanahu wa ta’alaa makes beautiful things grow out of the earth which make you feel happy and delighted when you look at them. So look at all these beautiful plants and flowers and smile!

Apart from rain being one of our body’s main nourishing sources (water), it is also one of Allah’s greatest reminders in nature for our souls.

So, next time you feel low, go for a walk and remind yourself of the power of Allah. Feel your role on this earth and make sure you are of those making a change. And if you can’t because it’s raining, sit in front of the window, look at the rain, make dua’ and count your blessings!

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I'm meryem ghatrif. I'm obsessed with nature, I like walking and talking.
Art, meditation, and writing are my best friends.My passion in this life is to live a Muslim wholehearted life and The subtle relationships between the body, the mind, and the heart are always at the core of my explorations.

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