The GIFT of suffering

Experiences of great suffering, calamity and hardship are situations that, when they strike, shake up our whole life. They break and change many things inside us and make us raise many existential questions. Why me? Why does God allow torment? What might God be teaching me?

My personal experience with trial taught me to see the world from a different angle. I started to perceive the countless gifts that I have in a very deep manner. I became more empathic, more self-aware, tolerant, patient and mindful. I learnt that happiness is a choice and a decision. I developed serenity and discipline by having to exercise self-control in not fulfilling every desire of my mind. I learnt that inside the obscurity there is something good for us, something to bring us closer to Allah, something to make us learn a lesson in life and make us thankful and grateful of all the gifts that Allah granted us with our whole life.

God definitely loves us, and there is for sure a purpose of everything happening to us that our minds are maybe not able to realize. The closeness to ALLAH in the middle of a difficulty guides our hearts and shows us the light. We start to believe that when ALLAH planes something for us even when it's painful, He does it with love and care. God tests us. He tests our faith, our patience and our love. Beyond any doubt, health and all what makes us happy and joyful are gifts from God, but sickness and trials could be greater gifts.
The prophet peace be upon him said: "strange is the matter of the believer, for anything that happens to him is Good. When something good happens to him, he thanks Allah. When something bad happens to him, he is patient and it’s good for him." hadith sahih.

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I am Hanane. My ambition is as infinite as the sky . Every day I wake up, I look up the sky and get the energy from my creator to assist me in my journey, striving for success and accomplishment, and chasing after my goals no matter how hard they are. My passion is to create a Muslim Zen lifestyle.

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