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I got the idea to write this article after reading this post:"Be a woman with purpose, be a change-maker, hustler, giver, and dreamer because our faith teaches us to face the world with good intentions and character".

From life lessons, “I've learned a lot .. I've learned that things don't always turn out the way you planned, or the way you think they should. and that in the end, Allah is the best of planners. Every encounter I have had in my life whether it be with a person or place, I have learned valuable life lessons that have made me a better Muslim and stronger person.

I've learned How to Stand tall in who I am and never let anyone make me doubt my purpose or dull my shine. Because people are always so quick to judge, assume, and criticize, but it is so difficult and rare to see people support you, clap for you and embrace your shine fully.

I’ve been feeling more empowered to be my true self recently. Whole-heartedly. Unapologetically. I’ve really been practicing the idea of knowing my own worth and standing firmly in it. Giving my energy and time to things and people who grow me, like really grow me- meaning I never have to doubt their intentions in wanting the best for me, and I can rely on them to hold me accountable and check my ego.

I’ve also been saying “no” lately. No, I won’t do whatever you want me to do in an effort to please you. No, I won’t allow your insecurities and unhappiness to affect my outlook on life.

No, I won’t apologize for being passionate and outspoken on issues I care so deeply about. No, I won’t sit back and stop growing so that you can feel better about yourself. No, I won’t compromise my values and morals to become your version of mainstream fame and money.

Saying “no” is empowering because it breaks down the need for acceptance, recognition, and attention from others to feel good about yourself. It reminds you that you own the life you live and the decisions you make. And it’s on you to live the life you want.

Being able to recognize that my Creator’s acceptance and love is all I need to live my best life is the most incredible feeling in the world. So to everyone out there looking for acceptance in worldly people and affairs, look up, because the Most High is all you need.

Much Love ^-^

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I'm meryem ghatrif. I'm obsessed with nature, I like walking and talking.
Art, meditation, and writing are my best friends. My passion in this life is to live a Muslim wholehearted life and the subtle relationships between the body, the mind, and the heart are always at the core of my explorations.

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