Yes to growing

2018 was definitely the year of pushing myself out of my comfort zone in every aspect of my life and centering my top three priorities: faith, family and creating positive impact.
We tend to forget that having a strong faith and good relationships with family are part of being successful.

All I can say is Allah is the best of planners. I have full faith that whatever Allah has destined for me will be the best thing for me. He always placed me where He knew I should be and gave me the strength, patience and drive to keep my inner flame always alive and burning.
Without Allah and my loved ones, I would be lost. They are my core and my everything.

I only have one goal in 2019 and that is to keep my priorities in check and bring positivity where ever I go and to whomever, I meet. Positivity comes from that spark within my heart to always be seeking, curious, open to possibilities and learns from the hardest lessons.

I wish that all you need and want is given to you at the right time.
Happy New Year 2019 ✨

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I'm Meryem . I'm obsessed with nature, I like walking and talking.Art, meditation, and writing are my best friends. My passion in this life is to live a Muslim wholehearted life and the subtle relationships between the body, the mind, and the heart are always at the core of my explorations.

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